Who We Are

ISM provides procurement and sourcing solutions for companies looking for an end to end service.

We are a consortium of logistics and procurement experts with teams distributed in central sourcing areas such as China, Turkey, Europe, the ME and the US. We have developed an extensive network, sourcing from the main manufacturing bases and delivering goods anywhere.

ISM also represents a number of International Companies in Africa.


Procurement and Sourcing- 22+ years
Selling Goods and Services in Africa - 25+ years
Over 18 years of project management
A large procurement and supply chain network in 3 continents


We have large experience dealing with the following business sectors:  Oil & Gas, Housing & Construction, Mining and energy, UN and NGOs, and Green energy. In our record, we have been providing services regionally in the following arenas: Road construction and infrastructure, materials supply, Logistics (land / air / maritime), security, aviation, project work, life support, camp construction and camp management.

ISM Africa has a dedicated team whom have been with us for years between the various companies and projects we have supported. We have years of experience in design, engineering, logistics and supply chain as well as procurement and administration. Our team is familiar with the region that we cover and had spent years in the different countries we have covered all this in order to support our partners in growing their business.